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Concert-presentation of the Luth by Manou Schreiner (Luxembourg)

Saturday 15th of May 10h, Salle polyvalente (Conservatoire de Musique - Luxembourg) - (free entrance)
free entrance

“The noblest of instruments”

Concert-presentation of the Lute

There was a time when the lute was considered “the noblest of instruments”, capable of “bringing souls out of men's bodies” and of “raising them from some divine fury”. A manuscript of the 17th century even goes so far as to declare the lute “an emanation of Heaven”. Given the formidable and exceptional status this instrument enjoyed for many centuries, learning the lute was considered an essential part of a gentleman's education.

Nowadays however, the lute and its culture are rather unfamiliar. In this concert-presentation, Manou Schreiner will introduce us to the “heavenly king of instruments”. He will explain what the lute is, what developments and modifications it has undergone during its long and exciting history, and who were the main performers and composers of this fascinating instrument.


Manou Schreiner

At the age of fifteen, Manou fell in love with the electric guitar. Inspired by virtuosi such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen, he soon began to practice the instrument intensively. Eager to embrace all facets of the guitar, he also attended classical guitar classes at the Luxembourg City Conservatory (Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg – CVL) where he obtained his advanced diploma.

During his guitar studies, Manou naturally became interested in the lute repertoire. Curious to discover the original instrument, he acquired his own baroque lute a few years later.

A true osmosis was born between this ancient and noble instrument and Manou who, in 2017, decided to dedicate his musical journey to it. In 2021, he obtained his Bachelor's degree in lute and theorbo at the Amsterdam Conservatory (Conservatorium van Amsterdam – CvA) where he is currently pursuing his Master's degree.

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