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Claude Caruana Bisazza © Claude Caruana Bisazza.jpg

Guitar exhibition by Claude Caruana Bisazza (Luxembourg)

Throughout the entire festival

Instrument Museum (Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg)

free entry / without reservation

Coming from the island of Malta, born into a family of professional musicians, Claude Caruana Bisazza has been obsessed with classical guitars and woodworking for over forty years.


In his earlier years, he gained considerable exposure to sound creation and design while working in music production, recording and mastering. However, in order to further his career in IT, Claude left Malta, with the downside being a dearth of time to dedicate to his passion.


That changed when he decided to travel to Granada to learn the art of building guitars in the traditional Granadino method under the guidance of master luthier Stephen Hill.


Claude is now building classical guitars in his own workshop, which he recently established in Schieren - his hometown in Luxembourg.


More information on Claude's guitars and upcoming builds can be found here.

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