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3rd Luxembourg Guitar Festival


The 3rd edition of the Luxembourg Guitar Festival will take place from 10th to 13th May 2024 at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg. It includes top level concerts, masterclasses, lectures, an instruments exhibition, a continuing training for teachers as well as a national youth competition and an international competition for young professionals born in 1992 and after.


Thursday, 18.04.

1st Round of the International Competition on YouTube

Friday, 10.5.

Morning - Semi-finals of the International Competition

Afternoon - National Youth Competition


Saturday, 11.5.

Morning & afternoon - National Youth Competition

3pm - Guitar exhibition and lecture by Vincent Dubès (FR)

7pm - Concert by Pablo Marquez (ARG) 

Sunday, 12.5.

Morning & afternoon - National Youth Competition

10am - Masterclass with Pablo Marquez (ARG)

10am - Masterclass with Vincent Dubès (FR)

2pm - Guitar exhibition and lecture by Vincent Dubès (FR)

5pm - Finals of the International Competition

7pm - Award ceremony


Monday, 13.5.

10am - Continuing training for teachers with Pablo Marquez (ARG)

3pm - Masterclass with Pablo Marquez (ARG)


All events take place at the Conservatoire de le Ville de Luxembourg and the entry is free (no reservations).

The Luxembourg Guitar Festival (LGF) is the first festival dedicated to the classical guitar in Luxembourg. It features concerts, masterclasses and lectures of world top class guitarists, exhibitions of guitar makers and music scores as well as a national competition for young guitar students from Luxembourg alongside an international guitar competition in a no age limit category.

LGF’s goal is to promote excellence of guitar playing in Luxembourg. The guitar is one of the most popular instruments taught and played in music schools and conservatories all over the world. However, despite its high popularity, concerts for this instrument remain quite rare in Luxembourg. Therefore, there is both a great need and potential for this festival that will not only contribute to the development of a dynamic guitar scene in Luxembourg, but also entail real long term pedagogical benefits.

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