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Luxembourg Guitar Festival
2nd International Classical Guitar Competition


The International Classical Guitar Competition the competition is public and the 1st round can be watched on our YouTube Channel.


Timetable and candidates

Saturday, 22nd April 2023, 10:00


1.    Yong-heon AHN (South Korea)

2.    Florent AILLAUD (France)

3.    Jorge Manuel ATANACIO LÓPEZ (Mexico)

4.    Silvio BILIĆ (Croatia)

5.    Vincenzo CAIAFA (Italy)

6.    Corentin CAUSSIN (France)

7.    Miguel CHILLÓN PINO (Germany/Spain)

8.    Simone CUTULI (Italy)

9.    Nino D'AMICO (Italy)



Saturday, 22nd March 2023, 14:30


1.    Natalia DAŃCZURA (Poland)

2.    Henrik DEWES (Switzerland/Germany)

3.    Kacper DWORNICZAK (Poland)

4.    Cem Sivan ERGUL (Netherlands/Turkey)

5.    Emilie FEND (France)

6.    Vincenzo FIAMINGO (Italy)

7.    Rafael HERNANDEZ DUARTE (France/Colombia)

8.    Jonatán JAKABOVICS (Hungary)

9.    Haiyan JIANG (China)



Sunday, 23rd April 2023, 10:00


1.    Mark LEIGHTON (Austria/UK)

2.    Filippos MANOLOUDIS (Greece)

3.    Giovanni MASI (Italy)

4.    Bogdan MIHAILESCU (Romania/France)

5.    Emanuele PAULETTA (Italy)

6.    Julian David PEREZ (Germany/Colombia)

7.    Eleonora PERRETTA (Italy)

8.    Alexandre ROSTAING (France)

9.    Laura ROUY (France)



Sunday, 23rd April 2023, 14:30


1.    Alberto RUOCCO (Italy)

2.    Yuki SAITO (Germany/Japan)

3.    Daniel SERÔDIO (Portugal)

4.    Jesus SERRANO HUITRON (Netherlands/Mexico)

5.    Seungsu SHIN (Switzerland/South Korea)

6.    Chinnawat THEMKUMKWUN (Austria/Thailand)

7.    Marcel WOLLNY (Germany/France)

8.    Yiang ZHANG (Austria/China)



Monday, 24th April, 21:00


Announcement of the finalists on our website, Facebook and Instagram

The candidates will also be contacted by email on Tuesday, 25th April

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